Flux to Create Sheet List in Revit

Flux is a way to exchange information between software.  I’ve now used it on a couple of my projects, mostly sending Rhino points to feed Dynamo geometry to build Revit structural framing.
I did find a fun way to build a sheet list between multiple firms who’s Revit models aren’t linked and are in different cities.
I’ve been working with a great consultant engineer.  We found ourselves in a bit of a problem that seemed simple.   We need to have a sheet list.  We had three firms,two cites and no live link (not with in project scope). Pensive face I wanted a live update from my Revit model.  They provide a Excel spread sheet from via email. 
The solution is to send my Revit schedule to Flux.  I receive the Excel file from our consultant and send it to Flux.  Combine it using Flux and bring it into a new Excel file which is linked back into our model.  Quick live updates and I can spend more time with my dog.  


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